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myPRO - Select program and start the machine

Changing the dryer’s side door hinge

Cleaning the dryer’s lint filter and condense unit

Cleaning the washing machine’s pump filter

Installing the machine with drain valve

Installing the machine with drain pump

Installing the plinth

Installing the stacking kit


Does myPRO last longer than domestic machines?

Yes, myPRO washers and dryers are built from professional components for an expected life time three times that of domestic appliances.

How much time can I save with myPRO?

myPRO is up to twice as fast as a domestic machine. For instance, normal 60 ºC programs take only 70 minutes using the both hot and cold water inlet (82 minutes with only the cold one). You also save time and energy with shorter drying cycles thanks to Automatic Moisture Control, which automatically stops the dryer when the load has been dried to the selected level.

How user-friendly are myPRO machines?

An easy program selector knob helps you select the right program for your needs. Then, all you need to do is press Start, and the machine begins. Option buttons below the display allow you to modify the program.

Does myPRO come with a warranty?

Yes, of course! myPRO washers and dryers come with a professional warranty. This also covers use in professional environments, whereas domestic machines only come with a warranty for domestic use.

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