General Terms and Conditions of Warranty

This service agreement for Semi- Commercial machines begins on the date of installation. Proof of installation must be provided by the customer. The myPRO machines come with a 24 month warranty as standard (unless stated otherwise).
1 Electrolux reserve the right to cancel the warranty or charge for a repair if the installation is incorrect or done to a substandard level.
2 The warranty is for a duration of 24 months or 3,000 cycles (equivalent to 3,600 hours that is based on Normal 60-degree programme) whichever comes first of operation. This begins from the date of installation.
3 Electrolux will cover all aspects of manufacturing and material defects within the warranty period. Thewarranty is non-transferable.
4 Electrolux will provide all labour and parts required to repair any breakdown of the equipment covered occurring during the period of the contract.Call-outs and Response
5 When reporting the fault, the description and the manufacturing number of the equipment concerned must be given.
6 Electrolux respond to any call-out to a best endeavour policy, this can however be upgraded to an Essentia Service Contract (additional fees will be payable). Customers with an Essentia Service contract will be given priority over customers with no contract. Specifically Excluded
7 All associated Electrical Equipment such as Power Supply Points, Starters, Fuses and any other similar Electrical Components external to the machines are not covered under the warranty.
8 All external associated plumbing, Gas/Steam Flexible Hoses.
9 All Liquid Soap Injection Equipment.
10 Rectification of defects caused by fire, water, frost or variation of the electrical supply, or accidental, malicious or wilful action, negligence, misuse or by the fitting of accessories not supplied by the company or the attempted rectification of faults other than the company’s appointed representative.
11 Faults from lack of cleaning or de-scaling of the equipment.
12 All exterior cabinet metal work and plastic work.
13 Faults due to blocked internal/external drains.
14 Any service visit for de-fluffing of equipment required through operator daily/weekly/monthly checks being neglected will be chargeable. Rectification of any of faults to the scheduled equipment necessitated by any of the forgoing exclusions may be undertaken on a chargeable basis.
15 Repairs, intervention in the device or modifications made by us unauthorised Persons are made.
16 Electrolux Laundry Systems reserve the right to repair or replace any part or sub-assembly at their discretion.
17 Any breakdown caused by misuse (including any failure to comply with the Customer Responsibilities below), accidental or deliberate damage or excessive use of the equipment which for the avoidance of doubt shall be deemed to be 520 cycles (equivalent to 620 hours) per quarter or more.
18 Faults caused by consumable items used in the equipment.
19 Any breakdown of equipment which is not being used for an application for which it is reasonably suited.
20 Any wear and tear items are excluded under the warranty. These include:
• Lint screens for dryers
• Covers and belts for ironers
• Rubber seals for washers
Customer Responsibilities
21 The Customer is required to adhere to any usage and maintenance guidance set out in the relevant equipment manual and/or other written guidance provided by Electrolux from time to time.